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Meet Our Massage Therapists

Every therapist apply their craft and skills in their unique way, we have attempted to give a brief description of our therapists' styles and approaches in order to help clients find a therapist that maybe a best fit for your needs and preferences. While we firmly believe that direct manipulation of muscle and fascia is needed to provide a physical therapeutic effect, we want to emphasize that strong is not necessarily better and we do not adhere to the myth that a strong massage is inherently a "good" massage therapy. 

However, we recognize that it is ONE factor that is most often used to select a therapist. Therefore we have placed a scale of 1-5 on our therapists approach with 1 being very gentle and 5 being very strong. Don't forget to read their session descriptions. Our therapists (like most trained massage therapists) can provide a wide variety of massage techniques and approaches. The descriptions here are meant to serve as a general guide and is not meant to be an exclusive description of their entire skill set. Additionally, our therapists vary their approaches with different bodies and even session to session.  If you like us to recommend a therapist for you, please fill out this form at the bottom of our booking page or give us a call to discuss your needs and preferences.

Additionally, you can specifically look for our Prenatal therapists team here (coming soon)
To see our Deep Tissue team, go here  (coming soon)
Suffering migraines or frequent headaches  (coming soon)
Are you currently experiencing heightened sensitivity?  (coming soon)


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