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Your First Chiro Visit

Your first visit will typically take 45 minutes.


It begins with a consult and evaluation with chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment is provided at the completion of evaluation. Treatment may include some combination of soft tissue/muscle therapy, targeted stretches, electric neuromuscular stimulation, spinal joint mobilizations.


We are in the following insurance network: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, (as well as other variations and iterations of Blue Cross/Blue Shield), Cigna, Kaiser, Meritain, United Healthcare.

Please note Kaiser, Cigna, and HMO insurances have extremely limited coverage. Members of such plans 

should anticipate treatment times of 5-10 minutes.

The easiest way to book is using our online system and by clicking on the link below

Your First Massage Visit

Massage therapy appointments are available for 50 or 80 minutes duration.


We specialize in specific targeted problem focused massage therapy. Our therapists will discuss and evaluate your body to determine how best to tailor your session to address your specific needs. 

We do not provide general "spa style" full body massages. Our sessions are anatomically and biomechanically focused and geared towards a therapeutic purpose. Please tell us your problem or area of focus when booking online.

Massage therapy treatments are typically not covered by your health insurance policy (though they frequently falsely tell you it is when listing your benefits). They will end up denying such medical claims. However, it is HSA/FSA eligible and we will provide you all necessary documents for your reimbursement. 

The easiest way to book is using our online system and follow the steps below.

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