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Sports Stretches


Assisted passive stretches are performed by your therapist at the end of each treatment to help improve flexibility and recovery.

Sports Injury & Recovery Program


Are you a competitive athlete or a weekend athlete? We will develop a personal program to rejuvenate your body  whether you're experiencing sore tennis elbows, tight IT bands, Achilles tendinitis, or shin splints.


For non-injuries, our sports recovery program focuses on aiding the recovery of your body to maintain your performance and training at maximal levels. 


Your first visit begins with an in-depth evaluation to determine the specific structures that have been either injured or fatigued.  


Sports massage focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.  Stressed muscle-tendon junctions are targetted along with the typical muscle "belly" massages.  Decreased muscle soreness is commonly experienced among athletes who receive treatment between training sessions.


In addition to hands-on manual and massage therapies, our sports recovery treatments also focuses on rehabilitative stretches to help increase the flexibility of tissues that may have become tight and stiff due to frequent training or prior injury.

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