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Prenatal Care Focus Areas

  • low back

  • hips

  • calves



Postnatal Care Focus Areas

  • low back

  • hips

  • shoulders/upper back

  • wrists/forearm

Prenatal Care



Prenatal care is designed to prepare the expectant mother's body for child birth.  Our focus is on reducing any pre-existing back pain and minimizing back pain that commonly develops in the 2nd and 3rd trimester as your child develops.​


Prenatal massage reduces stress, decreases swelling, relieves increasing soreness in the back and hips, and reduces anxiety.  Our certified  therapists use proper positioning and support of the mother's body during treatment as well as modifying techniques based on individual needs as your body changes through the advancing stages of your pregnancy.  


Treatments are performed with the client in a side-lying position with supportive pillows and cushions for the neck, abdomen, and hips to provide maximum safety and comfort. 


We highly recommend expectant mothers to begin our prenatal program no later than the 2nd trimester.

Postnatal Care ​



For many mothers, back, hip, and leg pain continue after childbirth. Postnatal care refers to treatments for any lingering pain that developed during your pregnancy and continues after child birth. Postnatal care  is designed to help restore the mother's back and core after the rigors of pregnancy and child birth.  We eliminate lingering pregnancy-related back pain and allows you to rebuild core and abdominal strength.  Our postnatal program also includes relief of upper back pain that commonly develops with nursing and caring of your infant.  


Postnatal care is not only restricted to mothers with recent births, many of our clients have successfully returned to pain-free state despite beginning treatment years after their pregnancy.  

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