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Forward Head Posture (FHP) is a common postural issue of the cervical spine.  


Current popular causes of FHP include overuse of computers, smartphones and tablets, which tend to cause people to look downwards for long periods of time during use of the device.  


Forward head posture is caused by repetitive head movement, forcing the neck (cervical spine) to tilt forward more than it should.


FHP can cause muscles in the neck and upper back region to become overworked as these muscles attempt to counterbalance the forward weight shift of the head.


Other common causes of FHP include sleeping with the head elevated too high and underdeveloped back/neck muscles.

In addition to a head that leans forward in relation to the body’s midline, more severe negative effects of FHP can include tingling/numbness in the arms, headache/migraine, burning sensation between the shoulder blades and chronic pain/tension in the neck and shoulders.  


Self-care methods such as massage, chiropractic work, stretching and exercising are some of the things that can help those experiencing FHP symptoms find relief.  Working at maintaining better habits can help alleviate symptoms of FHP and can possibly correct the postural issue over time.

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